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What It Takes To Lookup Addresses?
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Address Search is one of the most common searches on the internet in some form or another, in this article, I'll discuss two.

1. Find A Person's Address -

     This address search is pretty straight forward, you can use any search engine to put a persons name in and get an address.  Here are a few examples of HOW to put the information in to get either different results or to make the results usable to you.
example: John Doe - john Doe, Texas - John Doe Houston - John Doe Houston, Texas - J Doe Houston - John Doe Criminal Records in Houston Texas
Now, you can see that there are more combinations I didn't show, and this is up to you to complete, but just because the search engine didn't give the information up one way, doesn't mean you can't do it another.  Be careful, too, of the search engines you use, some, like Google behave differently when it comes to how and where they list the web pages they contain and may not neccessarily match the way you are searching. Getting a web page into Google is a science, you won't find this site highly listed because we aren't trying to neglect content just to get listed. When using a search engine like or MSN, they are more likely to show you what is on the page, rather than what a webmaster want's you to see, because they scan the page and when you input your request, they scan the page and show you the content relevant to your search, then you make the decision.  
     Regardless of where you start your search, move from site to site as well as using different search engines, because of the nature of internet advertising ad the competition for higheer positioning, you have to be smart and think like a search engine, "How would they find the results I want?" Remember to use White Pages and other address search boxes as well and keep records of some of the information to use in further searches you conduct elsewhere.

2. Reverse Address Search (Find A Person From An Address) -

     This is a easy search to do, but the results will vary and can usually be done best from a reverse address search BOX, not a search engine. I'm not saying to not use a search engine, you can do this first, but most of these searches will only turn up a news event, public record or location of a business. 
      Using a search box can be just as vague, depending on how public the person is or how accurate the information in that site's database is. As in the above search, try to use the information from one to fuel the next, or at least to compare accuracy.  ZabaSearch is one we have found to be very accurate, they provide a date of when the information was found or known to be accurate. This site also contains a paid service, so once you get the address and phone number, that's about it, if you want more you'll have to pay, and for that we can't make a recommendation.
Information on the internet is often limited, if you don't take anything else away from this article, remember that. If you are in desperate need and aren't good at searching or successful at first, before you pay someone, ask for help. offers to search for information and people for free just for the asking. Their forum is open to all, you just need to sign up so they can contact you, they don't sell information or spam you.  The Forum is located by clicking here.

If these methods don't succeed and you are willing to pay, there are reputable sources for public information and public records that offer money back for incorrect results, one we have used is Intellius and we have found them to be trustworthy.

Good Luck and Good Searching!

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